The Silver Bullet for Enablement ROI: The undebatable method of measuring Enablement impact

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About this Webinar

Tracking Enablement data is a tale as old as time — but few, if any, practitioners have truly figured out how their efforts have impacted their businesses. Practitioners typically follow a few standard data points to show their business impact: ramp time, average annual revenue, and win rate, to name a few. But how many of those metrics are wildly out of the practitioner’s control? 

This session details a revolutionary, tested, and proven approach to demonstrating Enablement’s impact on business growth. Plus, we show you how to secure the full executive buy-in you need to accomplish your Enablement goals.

What you’ll learn

  • Why the standard way of measuring Enablement impact is ineffective
  • The method Seismic uses to measure the impact each Enablement initiative has on business growth and rep performance
  • How to implement this new method in your organization, customized to your current tech stack and data flow

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