Earn clients for life with digital experiences

Wealth management is changing. Ensure your advisors can deliver the digital experiences your clients expect to build profitable relationships that last.

More than 2,200+ customers trust Seismic

Deliver exceptional service

Coach advisors with bite sized-learning and surface content by sales stage so they have the right expertise. Reach digital-savvy clients where they want to be.

Build client trust

Ramp faster

Deliver learning that quickly instills confidence and competency.

Give context

Remove the guesswork so advisors know what to say and show.

Be digital-first

Connect with clients in person, on social media, via email, and more.

Smarter enablement.
Better outcomes.

Multi-channel interactions

Engage clients with interactive content experiences over email, social, and virtual rooms — letting them pick their path.

Data-driven coaching

Build a stronger team of advisors by addressing opportunities for improvement with learning tools and client engagement insights.

Robust insights

Deliver analytics at both the macro and micro level, helping advisors tailor messaging for clients at each stage.


Govern content so advisors know what they can say and how to say it, ensuring compliance.

Extend the power of Seismic

Seismic integrates seamlessly with thousands of providers out of the box. Connect third-party data, a CRM, marketing automation tools, and more with Seismic to collect and use data effectively.

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Real-world results

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300,000+ personalized and compliant emails sent monthly

Lincoln Financial Group solves regulatory and business needs with smarter content creation.
Why Wealth Management Clients Demand Digital Experiences

Why Wealth Management Clients Demand Digital Experiences

Nearly $70 trillion will change hands over the next two decades in North America alone. This is fertile ground for any wealth management firm — but too many haven’t upgraded the way they do business. Want to stay ahead of change?