Speed Up Your Sales.

It doesn’t matter if you’re pitching or closing, Seismic delivers the right content exactly when it’s needed.

Case Study

Case Study

Workday, a human capital management and financial management software vendor, was having trouble with the sheer volume of their enterprise content. Their marketing team was having a difficult time keeping up with all the different versions of their decks and variations.

Business Problem

With over 800 varying case studies, Workday needed to ensure their sales reps were accessing and sharing up-to-date relevant content specific to the client.


With Seismic, these sales reps are able to handpick up-to-date content automatically driven by data served up to them at the time of engagement in any selling situation.

Business Benefit

Marketing is able to deliver on-brand contextual content to sales reps saving hours of time spent searching for or creating the “perfect” presentation and a personalized experience is delivered every time.

Use Seismic To:

Increase Time Spent Selling.

Inside and outside sales reps spend 15% more time in selling rather than searching for sales content.

Shorten the Sales Cycle.

Deliver the right content at each point of the sales cycle instantly, reducing time spent in between sales interactions.

Right Content for Each Selling Stage.

Eliminate hunting for sales assets by linking content to stages of the sales cycle, giving sales reps access to the right content at the right time.

Improve Outside Sales Rep Efficiency.

Learn more about how Seismic gives outside sales reps access to the right content on any device.

Accelerate the Inside Sales Velocity.

Learn more about how Seismic allows inside teams to find, customize, send and see how prospects interact with content from within Salesforce.


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