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Groupe 99 is a European leader in consulting which supports decision-makers in the success of their transformation and organization projects in the financial sector.

Acuity Knowledge Partners

Acuity Knowledge Partners is a leading provider of high-value research, analytics and business intelligence to the financial services sector.


adesso is a leader in customer centricity, supporting clients to increase their maturity level in marketing, sales and service excellence.

APX Stream

APX Stream is the largest full-service, independent global investment data management and distribution firm in the industry.


BluprintX is a global MarTech, SalesTech & CX technology consultancy working with multinational clients to achieve greater velocity with fewer resources and predictable growth.


Clevertouch Marketing is Europe’s leading marketing technology consulting and service provider. Created by marketers with marketing automation in mind, 75% of their business is Enterprise.


Concentrix is an experienced engineering firm. They combine great design and strong tech to create pioneering experiences that accelerate outcomes for customers, partners, and employees.


Make customer demos personalized, guided and interactive to improve the buying experience. Free up Presales for more consultative engagements with qualified buyers.


Converteo is a service and consulting firm specialized in data marketing and related technology, composed of over 200 consultants and seasoned experts.


Cutter Associates serves the operational and technology needs of the global asset management industry, providing our clients the tools and services they need to be successful.


Dealxpert is a complete system to Sell, Train and Coach more successfully, on a single platform. Tailored to your unique needs, we bring out the best in your sales teams to meet and exceed goals.


DIGITALL delivers the next generation Digital Transformation & Digital Cloud Experience by leveraging best-in-class technologies and innovative solutions, implemented by experienced teams.

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