UPDATE (November 1) : 


For all those who clicked on a Seismic Pink Link in October, we want to give a giant thank you! With 480 links clicked, we will be donating $4,800 to organizations such as the IBC Network Foundation devoting funds to breast cancer research.

We at Seismic are incredibly grateful to be in a position to give to a cause which has personally impacted so many of us. It is an honor to do our small part.

For more information on the IBC, visit their website here.



More than 40,000 American women will die of breast cancer in 2016. As part of breast cancer awareness month, we will be donating to organizations that devote significant portions of their funding directly to breast cancer research.

Seismic is used by sales reps to help understand how their content is interacted with by prospects, leading to accelerated sales cycles, and we want to do our part to accelerate a cure.

When a sales reps sends an email with Seismic, a link is included for the prospect to open the content. We use our own product internally, and this month, we are turning all of our own Seismic links pink. Each time a Seismic prospect clicks on a pink link, we will donate $10 to one of the aforementioned organizations.

We’re happy to do our small part to increase awareness and promote breast cancer research. One of the organizations we will be donating to is the IBC Network Foundation. If you would like to learn more about the IBC or make a donation, visit their site here.


Seismic Tributes:

“My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014, three months after I started working at Seismic. The outpouring of support from my new coworkers was overwhelming and reassuring. Two years, two surgeries, and multiple rounds of chemo and radiation later and my mom is cancer-free, and the support from Seismic is still present through LiveSend going pink!”  – Alyssa Drury


“I have a cousin that is a survivor of breast cancer and family that has died from cancer.  A good friend of mine, Ysabel Giaccalone, has a great website.  She is a two-time survivor of breast cancer and devotes her time to helping women with breast cancer, children and many others that have cancer.  Please check out her page when you have time.  She does not do any research but she devotes every moment of her time and energy to helping those with cancer.  The San Diego Chargers are a big supporter of hers.” –Virginia Melendez


“My mother and my aunt both had (and survived) breast cancer.  My mother currently runs cancer research studies to help find a cure with Maine Medical Center.” – Courtenay Allen


“My mom passed from breast cancer when I was 4 years old…she was only 33.  It’s been almost 25 years and it never gets easier. I love that I’m a part of an organization that cares about finding a cure.  My cousin was also diagnosed at a young age (39), she is a survivor and just celebrated 3 years of being cancer free!”  – Jessica Simpson


“My friend, Ashleigh Range, who was a mother of two young boys, died from inflammatory breast cancer last year at the age of 30.  She documented the year-long struggle on a blog, which showcased her unwavering faith and love for her family.  She helped raise my own awareness of the need for more research for aggressive forms of cancer like IBC.” – Daniel Rodriguez


“Thank You Seismic for your support and recognition of something that touches so many lives. As a spouse to a survivor I know how this impacts everyone and anything we can do to support them and work towards a cure is a noble pursuit.”  – Ben Anderson


“Four years ago, on Thanksgiving day, my wife’s mother suddenly passed away – only three months after being diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time.  Michele’s mother lost two of her three sisters to breast cancer. Also, nearly all of her mother’s first cousins have been struck with the disease, though some were not so lucky to be called survivors. Now, several of their daughters – my wife’s generation – are also being diagnosed.  For Michele, it doesn’t seem like a question of IF, but rather WHEN it will be her turn. Curiously, none of the women in Michele’s family have the BRCA breast cancer susceptibility genes, which underscores why it is so important to fund research for a cure.” –  Dave Myron