Whether at a Startup or on a Nuclear Submarine, Earn Your Leadership

Imagine you were let go from your position as chief executive officer. What would the aftershock of that be? Would there be one? Would co-workers rally together and picket on your behalf?

If you’re unsure, then it’s time to evaluate the current leadership practices in place. Take, for instance, this scenario: In June, the board of directors for New England supermarket chain Market Basket ousted CEO Arthur T. Demoulas. When this happened, according to Business Insider, Market Basket employees protested not for higher wages or better benefits, but for Demoulas’ return. Six weeks later, Demoulas was reinstated as CEO after buying the entire company.

It’s safe to assume that if Demoulas were asked the same questions, his answer to all would be “yes.” The next question to ask, then, is how do you become a CEO whose employees exude loyalty?