San Diego, May 9, 2017 – Seismic, the leading enterprise-grade sales enablement solution, today announced the launch of Seismic NewsCenter. Modeled after popular news aggregation and social media apps, NewsCenter is the resource sales reps can turn to at any time to stay updated in real-time on all information that matters most to them. NewsCenter revamps the sales communication process at large enterprises by allowing teams that support sales to distribute important, relevant updates to the right reps in a targeted and digestible fashion. The result is an educated sales force equipped with the knowledge needed to effectively engage buyers.

Simple, beautiful and designed for mobile, NewsCenter allows sales reps to self-select channels of interest—such as competitive intelligence and industry updates—and get smart so that they can deliver relevant information to a prospect, putting them in the best position to win. Reps can also explore additional channels and customize the app to meet their needs and interests. In addition to becoming an engrained part of their morning routine, reps can take advantage of the day’s micro-moments, such as waiting in a lobby before a meeting, to easily explore new information anywhere at any time.

“With an abundance of available information, we live in the age of the educated buyer, and sellers who aren’t equally educated enter every interaction at a disadvantage,” said Doug Winter, Seismic CEO and co-founder. “If a sales enablement solution isn’t providing sales teams with the all the new information, updates, and training they need before their first meeting of the day, then it is failing to truly enable sales teams. Coupled with our integration with sales readiness platforms like MindTickle, Seismic provides the industry’s most complete sales enablement platform.”

A new sales enablement standard

Research firm SiriusDecisions notes that a complete sales enablement function has three core components: sales asset management, sales talent management, and sales communications. With the recently announced integration with sales readiness solution MindTickle and the launch of NewsCenter, Seismic has once again redefined what it means to be a complete enterprise-grade sales enablement platform by offering capabilities in all three core components.

“As a stand-alone function, sales enablement continues to exhibit dramatic enterprise growth, with 74 percent of departments, in our 2017 survey, planning an enablement budget increase over last year,” said Peter Ostrow, Research Director at SiriusDecisions. “Regarding sales communications, we see that high-performing firms are 22 percent more likely than others to centralize internal messaging flow within this growing sales enablement function. This helps streamline enablement’s ability to maximize rep and channel partner productivity.”

Similar to other recent technology partnerships, the benefits of NewsCenter extend beyond sales reps. Integrations with Marketo and Eloqua open up unparalleled precision in marketing campaign segmentation and lead scoring, and the integrations with sales readiness solutions such as MindTickle reveal new insights into rep engagement for sales and marketing ops. NewsCenter, meanwhile, opens up opportunities for additional teams to have their impact felt on the bottom line.

For example, public relations teams can quickly relay new company coverage or press releases to the right sales reps, along with any competitive intelligence they find in their daily news scans. Content marketing teams can automatically alert relevant sales reps of new top-of-funnel content that may have just been distributed along with its intended purpose, and C-level executives can share thoughts and insights, further conveying to each sales rep that what they do is essential to the company’s future.

“The most successful sales reps are the ones who go into every conversation with the confidence in knowing that they are supported by an organization fully devoted to their success,” said Winter. “Large enterprises and rapidly growing market leaders recognize this advantage and have standardized on Seismic to support their diverse and complex needs.”

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About Seismic

Seismic’s leading sales enablement solution allows marketing teams to personalize content at scale and equips large sales teams with the right content for every interaction, dramatically improving time spent selling and win rates. Seismic is the only sales enablement platform powered by machine learning algorithms and the award-winning LiveDocs® technology, which automates the creation of personalized sales materials within seconds. Real-time analytics provide unprecedented insight for marketing teams looking to gauge which content helps close deals, further aligning marketing and sales efforts. Headquartered in San Diego and with more than 250 employees across the globe, Seismic is privately held by its executive team and investment firms General Atlantic, JMI Equity, and Jackson Square Ventures.

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