SAN DIEGO October 23, 2014 Seismic, the leading end-to-end sales enablement solution, today announced its partnership with Good Dynamics, the leader in secure mobility, delivering robust mobile security to sales teams. With Seismic for Good Technology salespeople can conduct business on the go while ensuring company data accessed on mobile devices remains secure.

As more and more companies conduct business from mobile devices and tablets, innovative sales teams must be able to work from any device, wherever the are.  Yet many IT departments do not have the necessary technology to ensure secure mobile access to pertinent customer, prospect and company data.

“Increased mobility and cloud technologies are revolutionizing the way sales connects with and works with prospects and customers.  IT needs to evolve to meet these demands and deliver content on-the-go, while ensuring that corporate data is secure and private,” said Doug Winter, CEO, Seismic. “With Seismic for Good Technology companies can keep pace with mobile trends and stay confident that all of their sensitive company data is secure.”

Seismic’s sales enablement solution allows sales reps to access and create brand-approved sales materials on any device. Seismic’s enterprise-grade solution allows marketing teams to put only the right content for the right stage in the sales cycle in the hands of sales reps, improving win rates, boosting customer satisfaction and increasing sales opportunities. Three months after implementing Seismic sales teams experience an efficiency gain equivalent to a 15 percent increase in manpower.

Available today in the Good Dynamics Marketplace, Seismic for Good Technology is built for Seismic Enterprise users that require the most robust mobile security. Good Technology’s security features include:

  • Encryption: All uploaded and downloaded information is encrypted using both Seismic and Good Technology, ensuring privacy.
  • Remote wipe: With Seismic for Good Technology, company data can be remotely wiped in an instant protecting company information without affecting other applications and data on the mobile client.
  • Admin Controls: Administrators can easily customize policy requirements to meet their needs with the ability to adjust who can use the app, which versions of the app can be used and password requirements.


About Seismic
Seismic is the leading end-to-end sales enablement solution that increases sales productivity and marketing effectiveness by delivering the right content at the right time on any device. By creating, customizing and analyzing sales materials with Seismic, our customers dramatically increase time spent selling and improve win rates. With offices in San Diego and Boston, Seismic is privately held by its three-time serial entrepreneur executive team and leading venture capital firms JMI Equity and Sigma West.