San Diego, CASeismic, the leader in enterprise mobile content management, has announced the findings of its first-annual Seismic SharePoint Spotlight survey. The survey, conducted during Microsoft’s 2014 SharePoint Conference, found new insights into how, and where, business professionals are using SharePoint and the necessity of 3rd party applications to bring added value and context to SharePoint deployments.

Key findings include:

– One in four respondents believed that better mobile capabilities would help drive adoption of SharePoint within their organization.
– More than 90% of respondents think that tablets will be used for SharePoint in more business functions in 2014.
– Over 60% of those surveyed access SharePoint through their tablets, smartphone, and computer.
– Over 65% of SharePoint users think that 3rd party add-on’s /integrations are still required to fix shortcomings or greatly enhance the standard functionality of SharePoint.

“Our survey findings validate the need for tablet friendly business applications. Today’s modern workforce is always on-the-go, and demand access to their most pertinent business applications wherever they are, in an easy-to-use interface,” said Seismic CEO, Doug Winter.  “Many businesses have invested heavily in SharePoint, and we’ve found that the best way for organizations to increase SharePoint adoption as well as bring added value to their investments is through 3rd party integrations.”

About the Seismic SharePoint Spotlight

SharePoint continues to permeate the enterprise, and tablets are becoming a more integral part of many business functions. The Seismic SharePoint Spotlight survey uncovers SharePoint’s 2014 Conference attendees’ perceptions about the relationship between the two. The survey was administered by Seismic and statistics were derived from 200 field salespeople, managers and executives from around the world during SharePoint’s 2014 conference.