Are your sales and marketing teams working together?

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About this Ebook

It’s no secret that sales and marketing teams aren’t always on the same page. Sellers often struggle to find the content they need when they need it, while marketers are frustrated that sellers aren’t using the content they create for them.

That’s why the Seismic Enablement Cloud™ and Microsoft Dynamics 365 have teamed up to bring sales and marketing teams together to move deals forward. Seismic’s AI-guided selling platform embedded within Dynamics 365 delivers the right content to sellers at the right time.

Want a closer look? View the ebook to discover how this integration enables teams to engage buyers and improve win rates.

What you’ll learn

  • How to align sales and marketing with Seismic and Dynamics 365
  • How the integration enhances buyer engagement and win rates
  • How to automate and connect workflows across teams

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