Apply a Digital-Driven Strategy for Sales

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About this Webinar

In this session, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at CUNA Mutual Group’s enablement function from Carley Johnson, Digital Enablement Specialist. She’ll provide insight into how their digital-driven processes and a commitment to supporting their sellers work in tandem to set them up for successfully scaling their business.

Carley is joined by Seismic’s Kerry Ryan to discuss current industry trends and imperatives as well as best practices for building and maturing a modern approach to sales enablement.

What you’ll learn

  • Current industry trends and opportunities to inform your digital transformation
  • The impact of enablement on growth in financial services
  • Practical applications of real-world scenarios to implement at your organization


Carley Johnson

Carley Johnson

Digital Enablement Specialist, CUNA Mutual Group

Carley joined CUNA Mutual Group in 2019. She currently works on their Sales Enablement team as a Digital Enablement Specialist. Carley supports their B2B sales teams by automating some of the tools and resources they use in their business conversations. She also investigates new ways their sellers can enhance their conversations and processes based on in-house or upcoming digital capabilities.

Jackie Sharpee

Jackie Sharpee

Sales Enablement Strategist, CUNA Mutual Group

Jackie has 20+ years of Sales Enablement and Marketing experience in the Financial, Insurance and Healthcare industries. She joined CUNA Mutual Group in 2018 and has been working with the Seismic platform for over 4 years. Jackie partners closely with Sales, Marketing and other cross-functional teams to enable sellers to be more effective and efficient in their sales activities. She is responsible for creating and improving their experience within the Seismic platform by focusing on digital sales tool development and strategic planning.

Kerry Ryan, CPWA®

Kerry Ryan, CPWA®

Director, Financial Services Product Marketing, Seismic

Kerry is Director of Financial Services Industry Marketing, responsible for go to market strategy and messaging for financial services, partnering closely with Sales, Customer Success & Advocacy, Product Management and Marketing colleagues to support the digital transformation and business growth of financial services firms globally.

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