Seismic Customers and Partners Around the World Recognized in the Forward Thinker, Experience Maker, Trailblazer, Dream Team, Innovator, and Partner of the Year Categories

SAN DIEGO, CA (March 29, 2021) — Seismic, the industry-leading sales enablement platform provider, today announced the 20 Winners and Challengers of its 2021 Seismic Shift Awards. First revealed last week during Seismic Digital Shift, the sales enablement industry event of the year, Seismic Shift Award Winners and Challengers represent companies that are championing growth in their respective organizations and the sales enablement industry. Seismic Shift Award Winners and Challengers were selected from Seismic’s 700+ customers and 70+ partners by Seismic’s customer success and partner teams. 

Seismic Shift Award categories and recipients include:

  • Forward Thinker: Forward Thinkers are planning for the future with imagination and wisdom, and are actively working to evolve their organizations and the industry. Forward Thinkers are never satisfied with the status quo, and are always thinking about how to drive future success.
    • Challengers: Columbia Threadneedle Investments, Telstra
    • Winner: Deluxe – A 100-year old company undergoing a digital transformation, Deluxe prioritized the implementation of Seismic to improve seller effectiveness with relevant content that’s easy to find. Seismic has proven to be a critical initiative in eliminating company silos and recasting the way Deluxe sells. 


  • Experience Maker: Experience Makers create exceptional customer experiences through storytelling. Experience Makers know that great experiences don’t just happen, they are built by those who are willing to rethink everything in the pursuit of excellence.
    • Challengers: Nintex, OfficeMax New Zealand 
    • Winner: Microsoft – With a Seismic and Percolate integration, Microsoft was able to shorten content delivery time from marketing to sales by 50 percent in three months, and support sellers in engaging buyers with the right content at the right time. With Seismic, Microsoft’s marketing and enablement teams have also been able to activate sales teams with sales plays and industry-specific solutions that ensure the best possible customer experience. 


  • Trailblazer: Trailblazers aren’t afraid to make big changes that get big results. Trailblazers are those who bring new ways of thinking and working, and who ultimately alter the overall trajectory and approach.
    • Challengers: Indeed, SAP, Snyk 
    • Winner: Lincoln Financial Group – Lincoln Financial Group implemented a vision that reimagined the wholesaler experience. Through their partnership with Seismic, Lincoln Financial Group created an innovative and effective way for wholesalers to engage with and educate financial professionals and clients, and facilitate conversations on financial products and services.


  • Dream Team: Dream Teams are those who come together to achieve something greater than the sum of their parts. Dream Teams build bridges and develop trust, and ultimately create a unified group that works together in pursuit of unparalleled success.
    • Challengers: Hillrom, SalesLoft, United Airlines
    • Winner: Philips – Philips navigated internal pressures to deploy Seismic globally, as well as challenges brought on by remote work. With a holistic vision, clear roadmap, and precise strategy to standardize deployment, Philips was able to quickly roll Seismic out in all 17 markets to support go-to-market teams selling hospital solutions needed during the pandemic and beyond to increase the quality of healthcare. 


  • Innovator: Innovators introduce new methods, ideas, or approaches to challenges. Innovators are motivated by challenges and apparent roadblocks, and relentlessly pursue solutions until they find the path that leads to triumph.
    • Challengers: Experian, Raymond James, Wellington Management 
    • Winner: Citrix – Strategic and creative in the way they think about sales activation, Citrix has a close partnership with Seismic that’s helped guide Seismic’s own platform innovation. Citrix content in Seismic is organized in a “Present This,” “Learn This,” and “Share This” model so each seller has clear guidance on how to educate themselves and tell the best stories on core Citrix solutions.


  • Partners of the Year: The independent software vendor (ISV) and consulting partners of the year have demonstrated strong collaboration with Seismic to deliver innovative solutions for our joint customers.
    • ISV Partner of the Year: Lessonly – The close partnership between Lessonly and Seismic has had a meaningful impact on shared customers’ sales teams. Both companies’ integrated solution connects sales enablement with training so that sellers can find relevant sales content and the related training materials all in one platform.
    • Consulting Partner of the Year: LeapPoint – LeapPoint deeply understands the value of Seismic. They’ve become experts in communicating how Seismic seamlessly fits into LeapPoint’s Connected Work solutions and together Seismic and LeapPoint consistently ensure compelling results for customers.

“This year’s Seismic Shift Award recipients represent some of the most compelling uses of sales enablement in the industry,” said Andy Bergen, Chief Customer Officer, Seismic. “All of the companies recognized have proven the positive impact that sales enablement has on their organization and their own customers’ experiences. Seismic is grateful for their partnership and contributions to the sales enablement community.” 

For more information about how Seismic Shift Award recipients are using Seismic to make an impact at their organization and in the industry, please visit Seismic’s Blog

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