Adapting to Change

Navigating the evolving business environment

A resource hub for sales and marketing leaders


Embracing change: how businesses thrive in disruptive times

Waiting it out isn't a winning strategy. Find out how to embrace change to gain a competitive advantage.

Digital reality brought us closer together

Learn from our CMO how remote work and uncertainty in 2020 helped marketing experiences become more empathetic and personalized.

Cautionary tales

Why do some companies flounder when markets shift while others flourish? Read more to find out.

"The need to pivot strategies in the marketplace and provide a new service to our members is no easy feat but being able to quickly communicate information out to our sales force in an easy to understand platform has been vital during this time."

Adapting to Remote World Software Testimonial

Maggie Maslanik
Senior, Digital Content Specialist

"With Seismic NewsCenter, we're able to control the flow of information and have dedicated resources to refer employees to rather than relying on emails that get lost in inboxes and conference calls where information isn't always retained."

Adapting to Remote World Software Testimonial

Tom Jennings
Director, Sales Training

Aligning sales and marketing
teams through change


Learn how the Seismic Enablement Team adopted a new training approach to meet the needs of a remote sales team and build strong GTM alignment.


With the very nature of sales changing, it is even harder to keep marketing and sales aligned—but also more important. Read our best practices.


Learn why it is important to strengthen GTM alignment during uncertain times in order to position your organization for success in the future.

Transforming Road Warriors
to Digital Warriors


Sellers in the new normal need a new toolkit, one that replaces in-person tools with digital tools.


Learn five digital techniques that Sellers are using to replace their tried-and-true, in-person tactics.


Sellers are being forced to change how they do business. Read how visionaries are also positioning for growth.

Engaging with buyers -
more important than ever


Read how your sales teams and organization can stay relevant in the busy online environment.


Read this eBook to learn how to stay visible and relevant in the sea of noise that is today's sales environment.


Here's what customers think of your content and why they are more selective than ever about what they read.

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