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Essential customer service skills: what they are and how to develop them

As the eyes, ears, and voice of a business, customer service representatives have the most customer interactions. As a result, it’s important for your organization to put its best foot forward. Here are some essential skills that make for amazing support reps.
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Helpful customer service videos

We collected some of our favorite customer videos that we think every customer service rep or agent should watch. Enjoy!

How to deliver quality customer service

Good customer service can be hard to come by. Establishing a team to provide quality customer service can be even harder. That’s why companies need to be strategic in training customer service reps.

How to find the customer service strategy

Effective customer service is more than a smile and a polite tone of voice. Organizations need to do everything they can to ensure a positive customer experience, and that starts with creating a great customer service strategy.

What is customer service?

We all know what ideal customer service looks like, and we all know terrible customer service when we see it. But how do you develop systems and procedures that produce reliably good customer service? Keep reading.

What is service culture?

Is your business focused on your customers or the bottom line? If all you’re concerned with is making sales and not how well you treat your buyers, you might have a severe issue. Here’s what you need to know about service culture and how it affects your organization.