Great enablement includes sales coaching

Sales enablement provides sellers with the information and tools they need to perform their jobs effectively at the highest possible level. Coaching is an essential part of every enablement strategy because it helps your sellers apply the skills and knowledge they learn throughout sales training. Because sales coaching is ongoing and personalized to each individual seller,  it’s one of the most effective strategies sales teams can implement to improve performance. The heart behind sales coaching is skill development, which is not solely focused on boosting numbers but most often still results in growing numbers. Sales coaching includes:

  • Guiding sellers to understand new skills and information 
  • Correcting behaviors that do not lead to success
  • Reinforcing behaviors that lead to success

Implementing a sales coaching process helps companies decrease new hire ramp time, improve productivity, and increase revenue. And while it is extremely beneficial, it requires a lot of time and intentionality for it to be effective. Thankfully, sales coaching software can significantly improve the coaching process for managers and sellers alike. 

Benefits of using sales coaching software

Even the best sellers need continuous training to improve their skills and stay on top of the ever-changing market. Sales coaching software is an essential tool for every sales tech stack, as it helps sellers improve their skills and expertise in an organized and collaborative manner. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of using sales coaching software. 

Streamline coaching and enablement

Sales coaching software operates on a cloud-based platform that allows sellers to access consistent, ongoing coaching. This streamlined process for delivering coaching to a sales team increases productivity and efficiency. A more comprehensive way to streamline coaching efforts is to implement coaching software that integrates with your existing tech stack to further empower the sales coaching process with accurate data-driven insights.

Personalize feedback at scale

Group coaching and training lack individualization for sellers. Every seller has their own unique strengths and weaknesses, and sales coaching is a great way to highlight areas where reps excel and pinpoint opportunities for growth. Because personalized coaching based on a seller’s performance is crucial for personal growth, it’s best to rely on a tool that makes it easy to deliver helpful feedback at scale.

Improve engagement

A sales coaching platform is accessible by both managers and sellers. Together, they can build actionable, personalized coaching plans for improvement. This creates a mutual understanding on the steps needed to up-level skills and improve performance. When sellers work with their manager to create their own development plan and have access to the tools they need to improve, they’re more likely to engage with the coaching process.

Track progress

It’s important to deliver coaching that’s directly tied to business outcomes if you really want to improve performance. By using a sales coaching tool, it will be easier to identify each reps’ largest opportunities for growth and prioritize coaching from there. The tool also tracks skill levels and progress over time, so leaders and reps can easily analyze performance and ensure that their development doesn’t feel stagnant.

Never stop growing.

The best sales coaching software features to look for

While sales coaching software often complements sales training and enablement tools, there are a few specific features that you should look for when selecting a tool. Tried-and-true sales coaching software allows sales organizations to review and assess sales calls, identify opportunities for improvement, and share feedback directly with sellers. Let’s take a closer look at some important features.

Call assessments

Sales coaching software offers multiple tools that help managers assess sellers by capturing and sharing recordings of a recent interaction with a prospect or customer. Then, managers view the video and assess the sellers’ abilities based on the conversation. This ability allows sales coaches to be hands-on without hovering or monitoring every interaction.

A hub for coaching plans

We’ve established that having unique and personalized coaching plans for your repsis crucial, but how can you keep track of so many different learning paths? Sales coaching software allows you to store all your sales coaching data and plans in one place, so you don’t have to deal with scattered files, folders, and performance plans.

Practice capabilities

An effective hands-on training technique for sellers includes role-playing. Role-playing in sales training is a way for reps to apply newly learned information and feedback from their managers in practice scenarios that are likely to take place during the sales cycle.

Tracking and metrics

Sales metrics help managers identify the sales team and individual sellers’ strengths and weaknesses. A sales coaching tool with tracking and metrics allows managers to easily track progress over time. This vital information enables managers to determine the best coaching methods and training to help sellers improve


Toggling between tools in a sales tech stack is time-consuming and complex. Sales coaching software that integrates with your existing tech stack, including CRM and training management software, is the best way to eliminate jumping from tool to tool.  Additionally, an integrated sales coaching platform gives sellers easy access to all the relevant materials and training content they need to maximize coaching and level-up their skills.

Deliver personalized sales coaching with Seismic

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