Learning software, also known as training software or eLearning software, is an all-in-one platform that helps organizations train, onboard, teach, and enhance the skills of their employees. It’s used for new team members to get them up to speed, old team members that want to improve their skill set, and just about everyone in-between to make sure every employee at your organization is learning a little bit each day to bring their better and more educated selves to work.

Why online learning software is beneficial for companies

Before recently, the term learning software made people think of educational environments or at-home schooling. But now learning software has become increasingly popular for companies, no matter their size or industry. So why is online learning software so beneficial for organizations like yours? We’re so glad you asked.

1. Flexible training gives employees the chance to learn at their own pace

Your employees come to work with their not-so-short to-do list in mind. Allowing them to learn at their own pace is beneficial for everybody. Because employees have the chance to learn when and where it’s best for them, they’re more likely to complete training and remember what they learned.

2. Improves budget and return on investment

Learning software that you pay for monthly or yearly lets you a) create a long-term budget plan and b) measure your ROI. That’s because learning software makes it easy to track employee progress within the tool itself. This helps companies measure success and assure yourself (and your finance department) that learning software is worth it. Want to read more about the ROI of Lessonly’s learning software? Read about the cost savings and benefits of Lessonly here.

3. Engages with various learning styles for improved retention

Learning software is not black and white. There are many ways to digest information and employees can choose the way that’s best for them. When employees feel like they’re being invested in this way, they’ll close that job search tab that’s been open on their computer for months. Learning software supports a number of different learning elements that attract various learning styles and preferences. For example, Lessonly supports video, text, images, interactive knowledge checks, quizzes, and more!

4. Delivers ongoing access to training content

Giving your team access to learning software 24/7 empowers them to feel prepared at all times. Knowledge is power, baby. Plus, when online learning software features search functionality, employees can quickly search for any type of learning content right when they need it.

5. Provides insights into training efforts for additional improvement

There is assuredness and satisfaction in seeing numbers that represent your work is paying off. Are you delivering the training correctly? Where is your team getting stuck? What’s not sticking? Insights into your efforts will tell you where to pivot and where to keep driving things home.

6. Organizes and stores important training content

Building and delivering content within online training software is not a one-and-done deal. This is just the beginning, building a foundation for a continually growing library of resources. This also puts some responsibility on your team to come back to your online learning software as they need to and freshen up on the topics that may have escaped them over time.

7.Guarantees training consistency

Whether you’re a small and growing startup or a 500-employee organization, consistency is always difficult. As a result of the scrappiness or the chaos, people may find their own way to go about doing something and create a habit. This isn’t always a bad thing, but before you know it your team will likely handle situations differently, re-create already-made documents, reinvent the wheel for certain processes, and in the end, waste time and resources. Training consistency means productivity consistency. It will help you reach a new level of company-wide efficiency.

8. Update and share training materials easily

Maybe you introduced a new product, rearranged the org chat, or rebranded. This means updates to the training materials. Instead of rifling through every document you’ve ever created or reprinting training manuals, everything is housed under one organized online training software.

9. Connects employees with subject matter experts and encourages collaboration

Knowing who knows what means accurate answers, quicker task completion, and improved productivity. If you have a new employee on your team and they’re not sure who to ask for X, Y and Z, it leaves them without direction and someone else who gets stuck with redundant emails or instant messages. And it’s likely these questions are ones that could easily be searched for and answered if you housed this information in a learning platform. It also invites those newer team members to meet others in different departments.

10. Scales for company growth and change

Wherever your company goes, learning software goes with. Lessonly by Seismic’s online learning software is built for companies of all shapes and sizes and is more than equipped for changes, big and small.

Never stop growing.

The best eLearning software features

Think about how much software your business uses. Think about how many you took into account before committing to one. We’re going to go out on a limb and say if you’re in the market for the best e-learning software, you have a laundry list of tools to look into and compare. But, what are the right features and functionality to look for? Here’s a list of eLearning software must haves:

Unlimited courses or training lessons

“Learning is never finished.”  We think someone famous said this. But isn’t it true? There’s always more to learn and you’re always going to find something new to train your team on, whether its new pitches and language for sales calls or the launch of a new product. Make sure your training software has an unlimited course or lesson option so you’re never restricted on how much you can train your team.

Simple interface that makes it easy for leaders and learners

Learning new information by itself is complex enough. Finding e-learning software that’s simple and easy to navigate is key for your team. It’s one less thing to learn and makes each lesson more approachable. And, while it may be tempting to go with free e-learning software, beware. Most free tools come with limited functionality or are just clunky to work with. Find a tool that is just as easy to use as it is to send an email.

Supports a variety of elements

Digesting information in one format can make one cross-eyed. Utilizing software that allows for information delivery in a variety of ways doesn’t only make it, dare we say, fun for your team, but it also gives them the chance to choose the format that works best for their learning style. Be sure to find software that supports text, images, videos, interactive quizzes, and more.

Provides tracking and insights to keep track of training progress

Implementing something new can feel risky, and after a few weeks or months of usage, you want to know your investment is working. Make sure your e-learning software provides insights to keep track of trainee progress and success.

Integrates with other tools in employee workflow

Like we said at the beginning of this section, you’re probably working with a whole list of e-learning software options across your organization. Bringing in software that doesn’t integrate with other tools is like hiring someone who doesn’t mesh with the team—it just ends up being more work. Before committing, make sure the software is nimble with other tools that your team is already using.

Train, enable, and coach with our learning software

Lessonly by Seismic’s online training software drives better results for fast-paced sales and customer service teams. Lessonly by Seismic is made to increase productivity, performance, employee satisfaction, and retention. If you think our learning software is what your organization needs, get a demo here.