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Increases sales pipeline by 33% by closing deals faster

Blackbaud shares how Seismic has helped marketing empower sales with the right content for every selling scenario.

more leads in the pipeline
seller adoption
less emails sent to sales teams

The challenge

How to drive buyer engagement and close deals faster

In the wake of a series of acquisitions, Blackbaud’s sales and marketing teams were challenged with unorganized, redundant, and out-of-date content. Sales reps lacked visibility into what content resonated with buyers which led to prolonged sales cycles, inconsistent forecasts, and stunted growth.

The solution

Seismic informs, educates and empowers sales with news, training, and content in context

Blackbaud partnered with Seismic to implement the Seismic Storytelling Platform, driving improved content curation, discovery, and engagement. By using NewsCenter to distribute personalized updates and communications for each of its sales verticals, Blackbaud was able to significantly reduce emails and ensure content is digested by sales. Sales reps are now able to accelerate sales cycles by sending the most relevant information to buyers.


A more productive and effective sales engine

With Seismic, Blackbaud has a 360-degree, data-driven view of what works in the sales cycle for 800 sellers.

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