Shortens time to build marketing materials by 85%
more efficient use of resources
faster time to market

The challenge

Brandes Investment Partners’ marketing team did not have complete control to update existing materials or create anything new. Fact sheets were automated in SQL server reporting services, which meant having steal time from the already inundated development team for the simplest of changes. With no single source for data and no simple tools for marketing to access the data and create materials, updating an existing chart to include two additional columns would take 16 hours over the course of three weeks to complete.

The solution

Months after beginning an initiative to build an enterprise data warehouse, Brandes chose Seismic as a partner to harness this data and automatically update marketing materials. By integrating the data warehouse, Morningstar, and GICS translations with Seismic, Brandes can use just one template to update 16 factsheets, with 4 funds in 3 languages, including 2 regional versions.


The investment advisory firm automated their sales content creation process with Seismic across multiple funds and languages, resulting in a 95% more efficient use of resources and an 85% faster time to market.

Today, every sales rep can easily access the core slide deck, add specific topical slides from a larger library of tactical content, and reorder the slides as needed to generate a high-quality final presentation. Additionally, marketing maintains control of content to guarantee consistent messaging and branding across the organization.

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