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Provides more time to sellers to build client relationships
100k+ days
a year returned to the field, due to times savings with Seismic

The challenge

How to increase content efficiencies to reduce wasted time

With over 700 products serving seven highly regulated industries, NCR’s marketing team created a massive content library with pieces for every selling scenario. However, content was buried in siloed repositories, which made compiling the right proposal materials a chore for sales. Then sales would have to check in with marketing to ensure content was accurate, further taking away from time selling in the field. When sales finally was ready to close a deal, the manual contracting process was clunky and hindered the speed to close.

The solution

Personalized content delivered to sales where they work

Seismic’s content automation and personalization technology allowed content to finds sales reps within seconds, without getting marketing involved. By integrating with SFDC, sellers can now access all of their content and proposal documents anywhere online or offline via Seismic’s mobile app. Sales reps fill out a form in Seismic, and choose product solutions that address their prospects’ needs to generate pricing and contracts in just a few clicks. They can then collaborate on the document with team members directly in Seismic before shipping off to the customer to sign.


Increased time to build client relationships

Sellers are no longer spending time finding, building content, presentations, and contracts. On average, sellers have saved +30 hours a month. This additional time in the field is now used for seller-related activities such as building stronger relationships with prospects and customers.

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