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Improves client relationships with automated, personalized content
faster creation of annual client planning decks
saved per rep, on average, with content automation

The challenge

In 2015, Truist (formally SunTrust Bank) kicked off a strategic initiative to improve the quality and distribution of their content for internal use and for meetings with customers. Pitch books that relationship managers (RMs) would compile looked vastly different from one another leading to lack of consistent customer experiences. Even within the five sections of the deck, there were inconsistencies in formatting and design.

Internally, Truist wanted to streamline preparation for annual client planning sessions. These decks contained complex data about upsell opportunities and new target accounts that RMs would pitch to leadership to get buy in for their strategy to meet their quota. Each deck took between six to eight hours to complete, taking away from RMs valuable time in the field.

The solution

Truist adopted Seismic to streamline content creation. Relationship managers can build customer pitch books for customers in a matter of minutes that are consistent across the organization. Annual client planning decks are now created in minutes instead of hours. Truist integrates Seismic with Salesforce and internal data sources to pull individual RM profiles, top portfolio information, and revenue per client directly into presentations to chart out each RMs goal for the next year.

Truist also expanded their use of Seismic to model which products would offer the most value for customers. Relationship managers can take income statements from any company, flow in liability and asset data into Seismic, and then have recommended products served up in just a few clicks to have more insightful conversations with prospects.


The global banking and financial services firm integrates relevant data from a variety of sources. This data is used for client reporting to create hyper-relevant reports and presentations that resonate deeply for their clients. Seismic’s technology has the necessary guardrails in-place so relationship managers can spend their time focusing on the client’s needs and not worry about compliance or branding. Seismic now saves on average 6 hours per rep in creating annual client planning decks. As a result, reps are able to close more deals, faster.

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