Empower sellers and engage buyers

The Seismic Enablement Cloud™, now available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace, provides sellers with the content and recommendations they need, right in the Microsoft apps they use daily.

Content in context

Provide sellers content and recommendations right in the Microsoft apps they live in day-to-day.

Better collaboration

Make it simple for marketing, sales, and other go-to-market teams to work together in familiar apps like PowerPoint and tools like OneDrive to accelerate sales.

Simple and intuitive

Deep integrations to Microsoft Office and Dynamics simplify work for sellers.

Microsoft applications

Coming in 2023

Viva Sales

Seismic automates workflows and provides content and training recommendations for Viva Sales. This functionality equips sellers to focus on the highest value activities and spend more time building relationships and closing deals.

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Office 365

Office365 files open seamlessly within an embed in either the Seismic Enablement Cloud or your CRM of choice so team members can collaborate on the same files, at the same time. Seismic for Outlook enables sellers to find the best content faster, share it with prospective buyers, and follow up at the right time with the right collateral.


Enables content stored in SharePoint to be synced to the Seismic library via the Content Manager user interface on a one-time or a periodic, scheduled basis, with options to inherit folder structures and metadata.

Dynamics 365

Seismic surfaces recommended content within Dynamics 365 CRM to increase seller productivity and improve customer engagement. Seismic uses Dynamics 365 opportunity data to speed-up the creation of presentations through Seismic’s LiveDocs.


Seismic users can quickly search for and add content to Teams conversations. When users paste a link to Seismic content, the integration pulls the file name, image, and other information into the conversation.


Seismic enables content to be uploaded and stored in tenant-specific Azure Blob containers, through the UI in Content Manager, WorkSpace, and the PowerPoint/Word plugins. It supports synching to enable full-text search indexing, thumbnail generation, and optimized performance.


A Match Made in Enablement Heaven

A Match Made in Enablement Heaven

Seismic and Microsoft Dynamics 365

Seismic and Microsoft Dynamics 365