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“Interactive experiences generate 4 to 5 times more page views and convert 2 times better than static content.”

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Creating effective content is challenging

Buyers are flooded with content, and the volume is only rising with the shift to remote work. On top of that, today’s B2B buyers expect B2C experiences.

Successful content must stand out and it must keep the buyer engaged.

B2B marketers using content marketing
Workers who shifted to remote in 2020
Second average attention span
Amount of text users read on page

Inspiring Action: Sales Content Reimagined

Find out how interactive content works and why it performs better than static content, using this interactive microapp.

Interactive content works

Content that is visual or interactive performs better across the board.

Message retention for video (vs 10% for text)
Marketers saying interactive content brings return visitors
Visual learners in the population


Why Interactive Content Works

Why Interactive Content Works

See this infographic to learn what the data says about static versus interactive content.

5 ways interactive content improves customer engagement

5 ways interactive content improves customer engagement

Learn how interactive content helps sales and marketing teams engage with buyers.

How to Match Design to Intent

How to Match Design to Intent

Find out how to create great interactive content that matches the audience need—with special tips from experienced interactive content designers.

Interactive Content Guide

Interactive Content Guide

Learn the basics of interactive content for sales and marketing and how it compares with static content