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Take heart, marketers. The content you carefully craft could be used 350% more often — and a whole lot more effectively.
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Do these challenges sound a little too familiar?

Lack of visibility

You’re trusting your gut to tell you which content does or doesn’t drive revenue — and it’s not always right.

Inconsistent storytelling

You wonder if the story you’re telling differs from the one your sales counterparts are spinning.

Wasted work

You spend weeks creating the content that sales asked for — and now they’re not using it.

You’re not alone

of sellers can’t find the materials they need
of the collateral marketing creates goes unused by sales
of marketers produce content that isn’t effective

Marketing teams make a bigger impact with Seismic

Deliver content that counts

Get data-backed insights into what’s working and what’s not worth the work.

Support sales strategically

Help get sellers to closed-won 12 days faster with personalized sales content delivered at the right time and place.

Master go-to-market movements

Go from “good idea!” to “good to go!” more efficiently by getting the latest content to your sales teams faster.

Wondering how Seismic looks? See for yourself.

Here’s how marketers see success with Seismic

Marketing leaders simplify all
of this with Seismic

Sales Content Management

Sustainably support content production, distribution, and governance with Seismic’s library tools, giving sellers the content they need in their moment of need.

Strategy & Planning

Collaborate with marketing enablement on go-to-market strategies, content audits, and sales requests with Enablement Planner.

Content Automation

LiveDocs maximize seller productivity by automatically assembling dynamic assets that are marketing approved.

Buyer Engagement

Support sellers in delivering targeted content straight to inboxes and social channels with LiveSocial, Email Blast, and Digital Sales Rooms.

Enablement Intelligence

Make more informed decisions with LiveInsights’ content engagement and usage data.

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