89% of sellers found content analytics helpful in tailoring sales conversations
sellers found content engagement insights helped their client conversations
sellers were confident the content they were sharing was the current version

The challenge

Lack of content governance and visibility to content consumption

Revelian had been using Box for file sharing and ClearSlide for building presentations. Without a single source of truth, sales teams were grappling with multiple versions of the same content when they worked together to customise documents. There was no visibility to what and how content was being used in the sales process, heightening the risk of branding inconsistencies. Prospects and clients often reported issues about accessing Box content links, adversely impacting the buyer experience. Revelian also lacked insights into how prospects or clients engaged with shared content, hampering efforts to optimise sales and marketing activities.

The solution

Centralised content and usage tracking raises sales effectiveness

Revelian turned to Seismic as its centralised content hub. Sales teams now use Seismic-generated links to deliver content to prospects and leverage content engagement analytics to have more relevant discussions with clients. “We can track client engagement of content, such as pricing proposals or tender submissions. Such engagement tracking has helped refine the use of documents that clients tend to open more,” said Daniella Benton, Client Relationship Manager.


Insights-driven sales acceleration and content optimisation

Using Seismic content analytics, sales teams are able to drive targeted client conversations and progress deals faster. Marketing makes data-driven decisions to develop impactful content. “Content is constantly evolving and Seismic has been instrumental in making our content update process simple and efficient. Seismic has enabled us to maintain our brand consistency across content shared with clients,” said Clare Newcomb, Marketing Coordinator.

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